Railtrack generator

Hello everyone

Im very new using Dynamo and im trying to create a 3d rail track from a list of coordinates in excel. Sometimes the program doesn’t create one of the lines of the track and sometimes doesn’t create some of the adaptative component. Im completely lost. I know that for sure im doing a lot of things wrong but can someone check the files attached and help me to find out a solution.

Thanks a lot

R1 R2 Excel to revit 1 Adaptative rail 3

Simplify your adaptive component, to start with.

The dynamo definition could then be quite straight forward.

Project File: Track.rvt

Dynamo File: Rail.dyn


Hello Vikram

Thank you very much for your help. Now its works better but i still have some problems, see pictures attached. And also, can you explain me how did you insert the coordinates into dynamo?

Thanks again


Daniel, I noticed the issue at the junctions and assumed it was a graphic issue on my system as the extent and nature of the discrepancy seems to vary dramatically as I zoomed in.

If it isn’t, might have to tweak the adaptive component family to perform better. (It was quickly put together and may have some rogue elements that might need to be constrained)


As for the coordinates in Dynamo, as I do not have Excel installed, I usually Google Docs/One Drive/Excel Viewer to view the file and then export the required data as a csv/txt file, from where I can copy it into Dynamo.

I saw that you help in this post http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/urgent-problem-to-solve-2/ If a create a adaptive component like this one in the topic but with the rail form. Do you think that something like this can works? Also in this case the path tile is set in the center of the line but my rail should follow the line by the corners of it.Rail2






In the family enviroment i got what im looking for but i dont know how can i insert it in my project. Is there a way to do it?


If it works in a family, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in a project. It just might be a graphic issue, considering the relative scale of the profile with respect to the length of the track.

In any case, if you’ve managed to get the desired result in a family file, just load it into your project.

The other post that you referred to may not work for you, assuming that the tracks are mostly made up of straight segments. (The adaptive component there was designed to confirm to a curve, I think)


Thank you very much for for your help Vikram, i will keep working on it.

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