Help - dynamo adaptive points model

Help neaded. i’m a newbie to dynamo and I have come across difficulties for my
class on dynamo moddeling. The asignment set by my teacher was to recreate
the frames in simplified manner. I was told to create 4 splines and intersect
them by a series of planes(set along a 5 straight line in a sequance)
to create addaptive points and bulid around them. Im stuck on multiplying the planes
and have a deadline in 9 hours! I cant upload the files as a new user of a forum
so can do it only via PM. I’m really deperate for help! my contact:

Post a link to your current work, including what you’ve tried so far, and a description of where you got stuck. Also a pic of your current graph. I certainly won’t do it for you, but I might nudge you along.

Hey. thank you for your responce.

(link retracted, please use secure hosting providers or if possible, attach the files directly to the forum)here is the link to my work~.

I’ve been working acordingly to:

with the diference of creating splines in mass model and selecting via elements not edges. As u can see distance plane works and plane at parameter states “Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of Intersect that takes arguments of type (__array,__array)”.

Tried it once when I was out, and again now, and both times I got the same result. The download is being blocked by my AV, so I’m avoiding it. Same results for all files so it’s making me think your site is the issue.

Post a pic of your graph here (or imgur), or try another service (dropbox?) and I’ll consider another attempt. By the sounds of it you’re into a data types issue or a lacing/levels issue, but that’s not a guarantee as I can’t see your graph.