Creating Elevation View in Dynamo?

Hi guys,

New to Dynamo and trying to get stuck in working on a useful tool.

Is there a way to create and elevation view within Dynamo?

I’ve found the section by boundingbox node, this is currently creating sections in Plan in the project.

I’m at the beginning stages of writing a tool to take all the windows within a project in Revit and make elevation views for each window cropped to the window extents (For scheduling windows)

Create elevation views from windows












Any help is much appreciated.


It is possible but requires some Python coding

Does anyone have a python node to create an elevation view in Dynamo?

Try this link.


I’ve also been trying to do this for Room elevations. Creation of sections is okay but ideally id like to use elevations. My python skills are far from the required level needed to create the node i think. I had a bash at it but no luck xD

See these posts and hopefully they might help out:<br style=“font-weight: 300;” />


Please let me know if you come up with a solution. Im still in the process of trying to get it working in any spare time i have.

  1. Where are people learning Python coding..and learning it for Dynamo?

Moses I have only just began this course, its the “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python” course on edX

It is a free online course, developed by professors at MIT.

It comes recommended to me by a few python coders to get a good understanding of the language and principles of coding.

So far im loving it, its great.

The enrollment closes in a week or so though, so you need to register fast. Again, its totally free!