Help Needed: Fixing LP on Road alignment


I am new to Dynamo and I am learning as I go. I want to place light polls on my road side at the point code “CrownPave1”. I have used the basic road assembly. I have a warning on node ‘CorridorFeatureLine.CoordinateSystemByStation’ saying - Unable to create line points are likely coincident. I have two questions:

  1. Why do I have two lists from ‘Baseline.CorridorFeatureLinesByCode’? When code “CrownPave1” is only one feature line at the center of the road.

  2. Why is ‘CorridorFeatureLine.CoordinateSystemByStation’ giving null values for my list?

Thanks in advance.

Try using the C3D toolkit and working with TkFeatureLines :


Many thanks for your respose David. I am using the C3D Toolkit now.

Howerver, my problem presists with a different warning when using the ToolKit node ‘TkCorridorFeatureLine.CoordinateSystemByStation’.

Screen shot shared.

The warning is telling you that you are using a corridor feature line instead of a toolkit corridor feature line.
Basically, when you get objects into dynamo, you get a proxy of your C3D objects. So in dynamo these are 2 different objects but they both come from the corridor feature line in Civil 3D. If you see the first screenshot I shared, You can get the TkFeatureLines from the corridor and then work with this object to get the points.

The reason TKFeatureLine exist is because there is a problem with the geometry representation in Dynamo, see here : CorridorFeatureLine.PolyCurve jumping gaps - #9 by marshmallow

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