CorridorFeatureLine.PolyCurve jumping gaps

I’m seeing a couple issues with the CorridorFeatureLine.PolyCurve node:

1 - The node is giving me a warning “Unable to compute edge from curve…”.
2 - The node is connecting feature lines that are on either side of a roadway intersection (see the red arrows in the image). These feature lines do not go through the intersection in the corridor.

The dyn file is attached. here is a link to download the corridor file.
Corridor File
FLsFromCrdr.dyn (7.8 KB)

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If you try to extract the featurelines from the corridor, you’ll see that they will be connect jumping the gaps, exactly as you experienced in dynamo. try to uncheck the tick “connect featureline” in the corridor property menu or try to change the point code name.

That is not the result that I’m getting. C3D is not connecting feature lines across gaps. See below.

@keith.sowinski it is a known issue with Dynamo for Civil 3D that does not implement the break point in the corridor feature lines.

This is what you get in CivilConnection for the same corridor.