Corridor multi regions, code points


i’m facing a problem in Dynamo : i cannot get the point codes available for each regions of my corridor…
I can get all codes points for each baseline but the if i want to get in Dynamo a feature line by it’s code, Dynamo build it among all regions, a little draw better than a long speach :smiley:

Have you any idea how to get around this?

Can you share the DWG?

@bertrand.savarit extract the corridor feature lines and then read the Feature lines via C3D Toolkit.
It is a defect in Dynamo for Civil 3D, the point of the feature line do not take into account when they break.

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I was working on this script to avoid the feature line extraction in C3D and do some geometry analysis with Dynamo… :confused: Would it be possible to add a corrected node in the C3D Toolkit?

It’s on my list of things to do, just very busy these days and don’t have a lot of time for the Toolkit.


I hope you’re going to find some time soon :smiley:

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Is the developpment team aware of this defect?
We discussed about it with @safi.hage, in our rail projects we always have complex corridors (multi regions/multi baselines) so we will need it to developp scripts with Dynamo.

@bertrand.savarit yes they are aware, I raised the issue internally in the first days after launch back in April 2019