Pavement markings with Civil 3D using Dynamo

Hello there!
I am using Dynamo from few months and I’m recently facing a problem I’d like to solve with Dynamo for C3D: in this instance, I’m trying to make discontinuous pavement markings (using designed feature lines) and I’d like to know if, first of all, is it possibile to implement a script for this goal and if you know other possibile and easy-way to do this.
Thanks in advance guys!

”Everything is possible” :smiley:
How do you want them to visulize? On a surface, as solids? Or do you mean that you want the road markings to be feature lines?

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Hi! The point is that, having an existing surface (obtained by the TOP code of a subassembly) and extracting the road feature lines, I’d like to get 3d solid pavement markings ‘sweeping’ the corridor discontinuously along the feature lines themself. The result is shown in the following picture.

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked at already released addons/applications that link into civil 3d that help with road markings?

For the uk some utilise: Performance-Driven Road Marking from Transoft Solutions

The Italian CK has already released an addon for road markings (2023 version) but unfortunely it doesn’t work properly when the object runs along a feature line.
I’d like to have something free for this purpose or at least something useful using Dynamo for C3D.

Oki, what have you tried so far?

I’ve been tried using corridor using discontinuous gap between marks, as shown in the image. Could be useful to implement a script that replicate this metodology, but I’m curious if exists onther way to do this.

Oki, so you haven’t tried Dynamo at all?

Actually yes. I tried, but it doesn’t work and I don’t know where I’m going wrong and fix it. I attached the DYN file here so you can try on your own.
Corridor_subdivision.dyn (37.3 KB)

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