Help, dynamo do not draw solids of all segments

Hallo, I would like to prepare a tunnel, but It always said that the Form.ByLoftCrossSections: Warning: Form.ByLoftCrossSections operation failed. Cannot create loft form.

Any ideas what I did wrong? Thank you very much in advance.

I already solved this. There was a mistake in a Family. When I redraw it, work it just fine.

How do you build this tunnel ? Can you share your script ? thank you!

Hi, here is the script. You need an exported alignment from civil 3d, than prepare families according your profile and then it should work.

The family is typical tunnel block or typical section of tunnel ?

The Family is the one you need (any profile) with three points the same as from civil 3d

what mean is this ? Can you demonstrate to me ?

@howing9873, you’ve asked for this in three different posts. Why don’t you start a new thread, show the work you’ve put into it, and then raise your questions if they arise.

If you haven’t played around with Dynamo before, then I’ll suggest you go through the Dynamo Primer, and don’t skip anything.

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