for tunnel shapes for tunnel sections does not create void. How can I fix that?

Sure It will not as any revit element you make the solid then cut with void.
I think you need to deal with links of subassembely to create allover solid and inner solid and set differences between the 2 solids to get the hollow one.

The advice of @ingenieroahmad sounds solid and is a good place to start. If that doesn’t work post your graph and an image of it using an export as image command (zoom in so you can read a node and hit the camera button in the upper right corner just outside the workspace). Without seeing your graph it’s hard to know what your best option will be and we’re stuck guessing as to how we might approach the issue.

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@Redli1 can you edit the family and check if the inner profiles are there?

There is no inner profile

@Redli1 ok thanks, the quicker solution then is to split the tunnel segment at least into two shapes adding a couple of points and links (e.g. U + top slab). You can use the same shape code for quantification, this should work in CivilConnection too.

@Redli1 you have shared a snapshot of the Dynamo geometry, not the Revit Family as I asked. Can yous share the family that was generated?