Creating tunnel

Hi everyone, I’m new to dynamo and I want to create a tunnel with a circular cross section profile. The adaptive families are in the wrong orientation and I don’t know why they cannot generate solid forms? My objective is to select a curve and load tunnel profiles so that dynamo will generate a segmented tunnel, please help.:sweat_smile:

I did a tunnel with Revit 2017 using adaptive family so I’m trying to achieve the similar result using dynamo, thanks.

Can you post the other files you’re using as well? Or at least a reasonable file that’s close enough?

It doesn’t allow saying I’m a new user.

Dropbox, google drive or similar?

Hi sorry I took a while trying to figure out how to get the sharelinks.

Don’t have much time to dive into this, but it looks like you built your adaptive component profile on the wrong plane, and without any adaptive points to control it.

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll try another plane.

Hi, I’ve done something similar a while ago…
try to have a look to this blog article and, if you need more help, let me know


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Hi Cesare, I’ll look into it thank you very much.

Hi, Cesare : I want to download you script, but the files already were removed. Pls help to get your script to test. Thanks !

Hi Cesare, i want also to download your script. can you send it in my e-mail or update it.

Hello Cesare, thanks for your work, it’s great. is it possible also to get the file :slight_smile:

thank you

Hi @Cesare_Caoduro3 , I would like to have the dyn file. Is exacly what I was looking for.
Please could you send me it? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Wow great blog @Cesare_Caoduro3 ! Can I please get the dyn file as well?
Much appreciated!

Hi :slight_smile: @Cesare_Caoduro3 , I would like to have the dyn file.
Please could you send me it?

Hi @Cesare_Caoduro3

Thank you for sharing this message with everyone. Although it has been discussed a long time ago, it still meets my current needs. May I ask you to send me the relevant program? Thank you very much!!

I will share my email with you via a personal message.


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@Cesare_Caoduro3 can be directly messaged with the request and your email. This will hide the email address from the public view which prevents the web crawlers from finding them.

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Hi @JacobSmall

thanks for your reminder. :slight_smile:

Good morning,
I am receiving dozens of request about this script and so I have decided to reply once for all :slight_smile:
The script is really outdated and I can’t find that copy in my backup. The more recent development and all other packages are not available for sharing because protected by IP.
Although you can have a look at one of my Autodesk University classes from 2017 where I have shared some of these insights and that will be a good food for thoughts and a baseline to start your own development.
This is the link to the session
And there you cn find the presentation togethere with handsout and material.
Hopefully this answers all questions :slight_smile: