Solid.byLoft Partially working

Hi All,

I’m trying to loft multiple cross sections to ultimately create one solid.
From the points on a segmented line, I’m able to create the cross sections. When I try to loft them, there’s an inconsistency in the loft action.

The solid I’m trying to create is part of a wall, I’m able to create other sections of the wall without a problem.

Anybody encoutered the same problem when using the Solid.byLoft node? Perhaps someone found a solutions or knows what the problem is…

Thanks in advance!

I’ve added my graph and the cad source file from which I create the cross sections.

Tunnelwand buitenwand Geometrie master.dyn (43.8 KB)
Geometrie Rechterbuis buitenwand 3.dwg (492.2 KB)

Try the loft by rails node as one possible fix.


Thanks for your reply.

This might work, but this one isn’t really suitable for me since all the cross sections are different…

I likely have the wrong node name but you can thread multiple cross sections along a rail with the node I’m thinking of. I’m off on a day trip to a museum so I won’t be able to check (my international data is too slow so it won’t load the dictionary for me - it times out) but I’ll try to find it when I get wifi later tonight.


I understand. Perhaps you mean one of these?Solidbyrails


I’ve tried Solid.Byloft using guideCurves. This gives met the following result:

The result is sort of a hollow tube… Any ideas?

Can you post your dyn and source files for me to recreate this issue? Making a dataset that replicates your problem proved to be problematic (though it felt like it should be so simple - hard to recreate a failure unless you know why it’s failing).

Sure, here you go:
Tunnelwand buitenwand Geometrie master guidecurves.dyn (46.9 KB)
Geometrie Rechterbuis buitenwand 3.dwg (492.2 KB)
Geometrie Rechterbuis buitenwand 5.dwg (462.6 KB)
Geometrie Rechterbuis buitenwand 2.dwg (466.0 KB)

I’ve included different parts of the wall as a dwg file.


Had any luck yet?

No was away from my cpu all weekend so I haven’t tried yet. I’ll check later today if my backlog feom a week of vacation isn’t too bad.

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Now I ran the graph in Civil 3D and not sure if you fixed it but this looks good to me after I added Select Objects node

I cleaned up your graph and it look really nice, I will use your graph to test out my own workflow.

Tunnelwand buitenwand Geometrie master guidecurves ver 2.dyn (115.4 KB)