How do you get those corners away (Vector/coordinate system Problem?))


is there a possibility to get off these corners.
I placed multiple segments along a path and i want that the segments are fully contacted to each other with no corner.
The geometry is not so easy and it is not possible to sweep this geometry. I have to youse a block which i created in the revit family editor. Do you no a possibility to sweep such a geometry?

Thank you!


Instead of using family blocks, you could grab the crosssections and use a Loft function. This can be done in either the adaptive component or the conceptual mass family editor. Also, you could take the crosssections in Dynamo and use a loft function there.

If the profile is planar (which it probably isn’t), you can use the Sweep command.

Underneath you can see a quick Dynamo-loft. Use the Solid.ByLoft node, insert the crossections that are aligned to your spline (where you now put your blocks) and you should be good to go.

To bring back the lofted shape from Dynamo to Revit, I suggest using the DirectShape node or the Form.ByGeometry from the Spring Nodes Package.

I hope that answers your question

Thank you.

I tried that befor but ther is a error message.
I have no idea.

ok no i have the surfaces but i see no way to geht from surface to solid.

you need seperate crossection polycurves for the seperate elements in the tunnel model. Closed curves (single loops) will create solid shapes.

how can i substract a solid body from another solid body?

Use the Geometry.Difference or Geometry.DifferenceAll nodes, in the out-of-the-box Dynamo Geometry node package.

Thank you Brian, but the geometry difference node doesn’t work for my problem. And I am already searching for a solution…

You could draw the profile as a profile family and use it in an Component-in-place sweep.

Hi, stumbled on this now, it this is about a tunnel, then your solid issue it is a “fake” problem, because the tunnel would most probably actually be built in sections, upper and lower, so you would have 2 cross sections to loft

How do you build this tunnel ? Can you share your script ? thank you!