Dynamo Triangular Panels

Hey Everybody, I’m designing a tessellated perforated metal panel system using a pretty simple triangular adaptive component. The adaptive component is a three point component that has 3 family types where a different corner is offset in 3 separate family types. Therefore, all I have to do is divide the surface with a triangular (flat) grid and then place the respective adaptive component type on three node points. This takes awhile even with the AC repeat function so I’d like to automate all of this in dynamo. The problem I am having so far is that I cant seem to divide a surface in dynamo to create the same triangular (flat) grid. I have tried to simply divide the surface and then instance it in dynamo in order to get AC locations but then the panels are instanced into dynamo in a seemingly random pattern.

I’m wondering if someone could give me some help in reproducing the triangular surface division pattern within dynamo where I can isolate the three corners of the division in order to apply the adaptive component?

Attached are some images of the manually placed components and the pattern I want to achieve.

FacadeSystem1 Panel1

I was wondering what’s the laziest way to do this and this is what I came up with:


The limitation is that your V grid will always be an even number.The only custom node you’ll need is “LunchBox Diamond Grid by Face” from the Lunchbox package.

hello I am trying the same workflow.

bandicam 2016-02-19 17-34-20-547






with a surface, selected on the Revit File. The purpose is starting to understand the dynamo workings for curtain walls, panels and so on.

I received a two warnings “dereferencing non pointer (3f47aacd)”…