Warning: AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints operation failed

Hello, I am dealing with more complicated project but I am also having trouble making this simple thing to work . I am creating parametric grid and then putting adaptive facade elements in but when I am just testing “basic rectangle with offset” adaptive component I am not able to make it work in dynamo. I created testing 4 points into which I want to assign that simple adaptive element and I am still getting error. Error does not make sense because element has 4 adaptive points and I have set up 4 points in dynamo so it should match easily. It just should work but it doesn’t. I also realize that order of adaptive and dynamo points should be consistent so that corners doesn’t cross. I tried every combination possible with pointsadaptivecomponentbypoints rectangleadaptive


Thank you. I was confused because i tried also this option but it didnt work on my grid (because later on i figured out i had too small grid and that was another problem why it didnt work ) and then i changed that to shape handle and tried it on simple four points and it didnot work again :smiley: . My faults. Thank you very much

HI ivan:

Did you find a way to solve this, I’m experiencing the same issue.


Hello, sorry it was nearly 2 years ago i dont recall. I know i made it work eventually but i dont know how… Organon´s reply seem tobe reasonable try that

Hi Ivan

Thanks I found the trouble just playing with a different list thanks