Have a question about overriding color

Hi. I’m a starter.

I’ve come here to ask my problem.

I want to override colors on the solid which i designed,

but colors are not put on that.

what is wrong?

here’s my attatched

thank you!

You need to create a Elements for the Solid first,
if you want a gradient color on each panel,
you need to create each elements per panel,
because elements override only have one color per element.

This is all wrong mate. First and foremost:

  1. Revit geometry is not Dynamo geometry.

You are trying to feed in a Dynamo piece of geometry into Revit Element override color node. That will never work. If you want to override Revit elements then you need to first create them. I recommend you go back to the drawing board, and start with some basic tutorials to better understand what is Revit and what is Dynamo and how the two work together.


thanks bro.