Color and Solids


Hey guys.
I’m having an issue. I made points by grid and connected them with lines, after that I used Solid By Sweep, to make the lines gain some width, but then I try to give somo colors to it and when I use Element Override Color, it accepts my color range, but not the solids, or the lines I made previously. What should I do?




Element.OverrideColorInView is a Revit specific node - which means you’ll need Revit objects for it to work, not Dynamo objects.


Hang tight, though! Color for geometry in Dynamo is on the way.


Back to the topic of color in Revit - is there any way to write materials to elements as opposed to the override?

Currently I sort by color and then write to element types pre-defined with that color as their type material. Would be cool to simply write materials to elements by providing RGB values.



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