Has a door a start and Point, cutout opening?


I actualy try to put dimensions to my linked doors. I followed a script based on faces.
It seems to be that it doesn`t work. My geometry is too complex! Can i access just the opening from the door?
How can i put my dimensions on the opening(linked opening) Can i “sort out” my opening from the geometry?


setTextDimensionDoor_V0.dyn (90.4 KB)

You can take the ReferenceLines inside the Door-Family as a Reference for your dimensions.
Have a look at the GeniusLoci-Package. :slight_smile:
You will get the Left and Right Reference of the Door with the FamilyInstance Reference By RefLine Node and the input for the ReferenceType with the FamilyInstance ReferenceType.

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Could it be that i have linked-doors, because of the empty list?

Try “Left” and “Right” as ReferenceType. :wink:

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next challange: create dimension with offset to refplane :slight_smile:
refplanes are endles

Go for it! I’m sure you will find a solution. :wink:

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