Dimension Legend Components

Hello there,

I want to dimension (width/height) the Door legend components. Looking for some help to obtain the symbol geometry of the legend components.

Some C# API methods are discussed over the Autodesk forum.

Got the values but the dimensions are not getting placed.


I have got the node to create a dimension line but it is invisible. So basically it is not working for me neither.
I assume you realised since you did that script you needed to feed a line and group properly the modelcurves are parallel as well as make sure the modelcurve you got are the expected.

Although I do not think Legend Components have the right features to make a proper door legend. It can be used when you do not need to be very specific.

Is there any way to add dimension lines to Legend Components using the references in these components?
When you update in Revit the family, for instance making the door wider, the dimension lines change properly. So references are kept properly.
I have tried all Genius Loci nodes related to this issue as well as the one you are using with no sucess.
The only way I have found is creating additional elements and add dimension lines to them. This method brings some backdraws I am not sure if it is worth it. They do not update with the family.

Family Instance Reference plane Check this link out think this will be helpful

I’m in 2022. I’m guessing legend components you still cant report reference lines? @Alban_de_Chasteigner