Placing Opening driven by host door values?


I have a architecture model loaded. At the place of the doors i want place my openings. these openings take the type values (length/height) from the doors - finished! So my script has no error. but nothing get placed?
So where is the issue? my opening is a generic model, wall hosted… like the doors… the openings only contain instance-parameter

it is placing it anywhere?




SetOpeningsLinkedDoors.dyn (36.4 KB)

Hello @Draxl_Andreas
I’m sure problem here in InstanceByPoint
your family is host based - use instance by host and point

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if it helps - mark it as solution

I will try it when i in the company…:wink:

Hello @y.Petrenko ,

So i struggle with the host question. how do i get my walls. I tried all elements of category but it faild.
Should i use bounding box from my linked walls? and looking what is inside in my native file?

SetOpeningsLinkedDoors.dyn (30.6 KB)

for Host you have to use a walls inside your native file (not linked) if you have it

that actualy the issue. i can`t know it. so i have to
1.) get the linked walls
2.) which walls inside
3.) these are my hosts

Hi @Draxl_Andreas
Believe @GavinCrump did something similar that may be of use, link below for reference

Cheers KS


it works!
it delets one opening i don´t know why

… i will check the video

SetOpeningsLinkedDoorsV01.dyn (42.3 KB)

Hello @Kai,

Its a “almost” Solution, it places opening wall by wall, at least i am faster as i do it by hand!
Maybe i can adapt the script to manage more than one wall.



I think yes. Get BB from Windows/Doors
check if it intersect with your wals
group it

SetOpeningsDrivenByDoors.dyn (71.2 KB)
Actually, i have just to find a solution, for a Wallselection @y.Petrenko

please prepare some example Revit file

tomorrow here in austria is 23:25 :wink:

Here in Ukraine is 00:27

Good Luck!