Group nodes and notes together?

I have searched and experimented but I cannot find a way to group or lock a selection of nodes and notes together (short of creating a custom node, which might be overkill in many cases). If there is a way to do this, please let me know, otherwise read on.

The reason for this request is that I am constantly moving selections of nodes around the work space as I add more stuff or make changes. As I complete one part of some Dynamo code I want the relationship between certain nodes to stay that way, particularly if I have added a note to describe what they do. In all the demos I have seen, I notice people constantly click/dragging across several nodes so that they can move them together. It would save so much time not having to remember exactly which nodes should stay together if we could have some sort of grouping. Even having the ability to lock one note to one node would be useful.

Hi Tim,

Have you tried creating the group as a Custom Node? Disadvantage is the nodes inside of the Custom Node would be hidden in your main definition, but the advantage would be everything sits neatly inside a single node (less clutter in the workspace) and you could also potentially re-use the node in other definitions.


Let me know if that works.




Why it is not possible to create “visual” nodes, to organize the node graph?

I don’t want to put every selection of nodes in the library, I want to clean up the node graph and copy some group of nodes for faster reuse in the project.

see this feedback build:

the functionality has been prototyped, but not sure when it will make it into the daily builds.

Thank you!

Good to see that some are working on it.