Is it possible to display a group of nodes in a single summary node?

I have a rather large visual script, some grouped nodes run independently; I’d like to be able to reduce an entire group of nodes to a single node, at least as far as visualization is concerned, so as to speed up exploration of the script itself.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

yes they are called custom nodes, read here Creating a Custom Node | The Dynamo Primer

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Thank you very much! I’m kind of a new user and I never explored this solution, thank you again!

Erm, since you were so kind and your reply was so precise, maybe you can help me out with another question:

  • is it possible to create a graph/script in Dynamo and make it run in another Dynamo file? Like a sub-program in a main-program…

If you mean as parallel execution the answer is no. If you mean as a call to a separate function the answer is yes.

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Thank you so much Paolo!
I knew that is not possible the parallel execution of different Dynamo files, but when I created some custom nodes I saw that in the same Dynamo file there were more “charts” open (the main one, and one per each custom node), so I thought that maybe it was possible to make work together separate chart for every function in order to ease the debug operations, and also make everithing more organized.