Duplicate Groups and Notes

Good morning people !

Quick question here : has any of you experienced the duplication of Groups and Notes inside a graph ? Especially in custom nodes ? I reached a point where I wanted to comment all the custom nodes I made, but for some reason, Groups and Notes kept duplicating (which is problematic when you try to modify the node after creating the groups and the notes, as there are so many …).

Thanks for any input !

Are you pressing and holding CTRL? Holding CTRL while dragging a node/group will duplicate it.

Hi @mellouze

I have not experienced that, I assume you’re in Dyn 2.x?

Is it happening when you re-enter a graph after having closed dynamo or is it “instant” by entering a custom node/graph?

Also… Is the graphs originally created in Dyn 1.x or 2.x?

Hi to both of you @kennyb6 and @Jonathan.Olesen :slight_smile: And thanks for the input

Nope, not holding CTRL. Happens when I re-enter a custom node I created.

Yes, indeed :slight_smile:

Generally happens when I edit a custom node, close the corresponding tab, and re-enter the custom node by double-clicking onto it in the .dyn (Note : it is not systematic, but happens a lot). It happens also when I close Dynamo and re-open it, then re-enter the custom node, but I suppose it is related to the previous issue.
Note that it only happens with the .dyf, not the .dyn …

All the graphs I created and manipulated have only been created and manipulated only in Dynamo 2.x, same for the custom nodes.

Edit : Currently, I am not using any notes, but rather create a CodeBlock that contains only comments.

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I can verify I have the same behavior. (Hard to notice as they are placed exactly on top of each other :wink:

(Also have the behavior with nodes created in 1.3.2 and edited in 2.x)

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Thanks !

Once the groups have duplicated enough (around 4 of 5 times), you will not be able to see the background anymore as the superposition of the groups make them lose their transparency (that is how i first figured it out haha).

Also, forgot to mention, the duplicate notes I have cannot be dragged at all…

They can be deleted but only the “bottom/original” note can for some reason be moved…

Also how I noticed :sweat_smile:

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@mellouze and @Jonathan.Olesen - have either of you reported this issue at the GitHub? If not I’ll try and reproduce and submit it, but I don’t want to duplicate if already in place or underway.

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I have not reported it :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob,

Reported at this address : https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/9114

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