Group list of parameter to export from revit to excel

Hello everyone !

I’m starting on Dynamo ! I have to create 33 parameters for elements but it require a big list.

I’m looking for a solution to group “n parameter” with less blocs.

Have you got solutions ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Easiest way? Create a schedule in Revit and export that schedule to excel.

Schedules Exporter node from Modelical for example.

I think what you’re after is something like this:

Mind the crossproduct.


Otherwise set Lacing to cross product on ‘element.GetParameterValueByName’-node

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LOL! look at our reponses at the same time. …

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What is it they say about brilliant minds? :wink:

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Thanks it’s perfect ! You’re awesome :wink:

Will you please mark one of the solutions (though similar) as the solution to make it easier for others to find it and keep the forum tidy? :slight_smile:

It’s done !

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