How to export grouped element parameters (if we can't export schedules directly)?

I’m trying to export window schedule information to Excel. Not a problem exporting CSV files, but I would like to be able to export directly to Excel.

I’ve been able to group the windows by level, but I’m stumped on how to do nested groups, like you can in a Revit schedule. Like this:

Here’s where I got with Dynamo:

Group Elements Test 2.dyn (11.4 KB)

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Hi @gduncan74

One of the possible way is to use @Konrad_K_Sobon archi-lab package node called “Schedule Sorting Grouping”

why not use the daily build of Dynamo? It has a node called ViewSchedule.Export that will export that schedule directly and you get to decide how it will look. Yes, it will be exported as TSV or CSV but Excel has no problem reading that. What’s the difference? Example:


Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon and @Kulkul

The major difference for me is that I am linking these schedules to an Excel energy-modeling file (PHPP), and Excel doesn’t automatically update from CSV files.

If you really want to match what this schedule looks like in an Excel export you will have to rebuild this logic. When revit sorts and groups values, you will have to sort and group in Dynamo. Where Revit filters out, you will have to filter out. Finally when it formats things a certain way, with empty rows and merged cells etc, you will have to rebuild that logic in Dynamo then expand the Bumblebee toolkit to write those formatting changes to Excel. It’s a LOT of work for something trivial like this. I would recommend that you instead figure out a way to make this work with what you have (CSV). Perhaps a macro on the Excel side?

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Sorry, could you clarify this? You mean download the latest update or what here and how do I get the “Daily”?
Pardon the ignorance…


Dynamo has stable releases and daily builds. You can find them here:

Daily builds will have these components that i showed, but they will not be in the stable 1.2.0 release since that was built before I added these nodes to it. Makes sense now?

Yes sir…thank you for the explanation!

not able to get nodes as described via the search…?

Just realized that Excel.ReadFromFile can read CSV files. All I had to do was

  1. export the schedules as CSV
  2. open with Excel.ReadFromFile
  3. write to Excel with Excel.WriteToFile