Graphic jumping, place object in world coordinates


I have made a graph that pick’s up coordinates from an excel file and places family instance at that coordinate.
The graph works with small coordinates, but when I uses world coordinates in meters, the graphics starts to jump when I zoom in and there is a limit on the zoom.
I have set the Geometry Working Range to extra large and the coordinates are in the range X = 78xxx.xx,
Y =1359xxx.xx, that’s as I understand it, is with in the range. I have tried running the graph with project units in meter and milimeter for the Revit file, with same result and it’s been done in Revit 2021. Probably a simple thing but what have i missed.
Below is the graph.

I am assuming that the jumping occurs n the Revit environment. If so this is occurring because your geometry has exceeded the 22 mile limit from Revit’s internal origin, which causes the geometry engine to start to act funny when navigating and manipulating views.

To resolve this issue, keep modeled content within 22 miles of the internal origin, and adjust the survey point to a location outside of that limit, which will ensure content is returned correctly.

Yes its in the Revit enviroment. So I have to convert the world coordinates to local coordinates at import and then I can use the Location site to transform it back to world coordinates in Revit?

That would do it. Keep everything to within 22 miles and the graphics will be fine. This is just how Revit accommodates the arbitrary nature of coordinate systems while still keeping things inside the limit of it’s geometry engine.

Thanks for the basics :slight_smile:

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