Import coordinates from excel

Hi all,

I have a problem with importing coords. from excel to revit. It looks fine in dynamo, all my points and also my surface (when i tried to make one) looking ok. in my dynamo workflow but they’re not show up in revit. I think the problem is numbers but i couldn’t solve it by myself. Please help. Thanks.

My dynamo screen:

my revit screen;

my excel table:

ps: when i change my coordinates to single digit like x=3,y=2,z=4 etc. it works. but i need it in real coordinates.

In your graph you didnt create any geometry. Thats why you see nothing in Revit.

i adjust geometry scaling to extra large. what should i do further?

check if your revit background preview is off.

If you want to see physical points i don’t think that is possible. but if you position any revit elements like structural column using those points you should be able to see them in revit

i can see that when i choose my excel table like this:

Maybe your values in excel are read as string when there are decimals, if that is the case try the string to number node

Did you tried zoom extent in revit, it might be out of the view range

Further to this, is there a way to turn these points into solid circles in revit?

Are you using an adjusted Project Base point? If you are, you will need to use a coordinate system and subtract the Project Base point’s E/W & N/S from the excel values.

Thank you for the responses. I finally found the points and mesh surfaces. When i zoomed extents there is nothing on my revit screen. but i select the entire screen, i find my surface somewhere in the north. I don’t know why is the zoom extents choose the entire system with coords. 0,0,0 and my imported points.

zoom extent screen when i click reveal hidden elements:

and my work on revit:

you could create a sphere in generic model family and insert at the points.

Yep that’s what i end up doing. thanks

I Have used your Dynamo in my project and it works.Thanks
But I have a problem:
I have changed my project base point to real coordinate but when I run this dynamo program it takes middle of screen 0,0 coordinate how can I correct it?