Point by coordinates problem

Hello community,
I am trying to place families in my revit model reading coordinates from an excel file.
I think the graph is fine but I do not know why the point by coordinates is giving me a problem.
See image attached:
Many thanks in advance

I have attached as well a capture of my excel file columns 9 & 10 are my coordinates.
By the way I suppose the coords should be in mm, am I right?

It looks like there is something wrong with your translation from latitude/longitude into northing & easting

The northings and eastings look like they are rounded to the nearest 1000 or 5000, and a change in latitude/longitude in not reflected in the northing/easting coordinates respectively.

Depending what you want to do, you might be better off with a GIS application like QGIS (free/opensource)

Thank you all,
I have found the reason, it was the geometry working range dynamo setting.
Now is working perfectly!!!

How did you configure it? Thanks a lot