Place instance family by coordinates error?

Hello guys,

I began using Dynamo very recently & right now I’m trying to place an loadable family I created in my model to define the limits of my lots since we only have a list of coordinates contained in an txt/excel file. I created this simple dynamo routine based in a lot of different examples I saw online & IMO it should be working since the “Point.byCoordinates” is giving the correct coordinates.

In spite of that when I run it on Revit, for some reason, It seems to adds both the X & Y values to place the instances (see example bellow), although the Z coordinate is correct.

Z= Correct value

Am I doing something wrong? It’s very late so there’s probably a mistake on my part but I can’t figure it out…
Thank you for helping!

Hi Daniel,

Take a look at your own screenshot, you will see that it is unreadable.

If you want to take a picture of your script, zoom in on a few Nodes untill the text is readable and use the camera symbol top right in Dynamo.

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Thanks Bjorn_Keulemans1! I’ve corrected it, let me know if there is any other issue.

At first glance there seems to be nothing wrong with the script above.

If the coordinates are wrong, simplify your test-data set for a few test and start checking your origin points in the Revit project to make sure you know which coordinates dynamo is using and which you are execting it to use.

The added benefit of a simplified dataset is also that you can maybe find a consistent shift in the numbers that could indicate the reason of your problem.


My guess is that this is the issue. Dynamo uses Revit’s internal origin, so you’ll need to make sure your coordinate data is coming in relative to that location, not another one. I find that often Excel lists are relative to survey points or project base points - can you see what the vector of those are and move the points by the reversed vector prior to creating the family? Creating a point at 0,0,0 in a site plan showing your desired coordinate system(s) in wireframe can help, as your the blue geometry preview should align to that point or you need to shift things first.

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Yeah, that was exactly the problem, it was placing it according to the project base point! Thank you for your help, I’m working on a way around it right now

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