Gps coordinates revit

Hi All,
Since two days i’m tryng to understand a good way to feed revit with some georeferencing data (obviously not related to project base point), but for all entities.
With the help of other thread i found a good way to generate gps coordinate as shared parameter, (using node family istance location and geomtry transform), unfortunately in this way that parameter is not dynamic (if i edit it the istance doesn’t get move…but ok it’s a good point to start). Now i would to populate the model on the base of coordinate define on excel. Do you think is it possible?

revit parameter

Could you take another picture without the nodes floating at the bottom? We can’t read what they are.

It is unfortunately not possible. You have to run the Dynamo script to update parameters or you can let it run in automatic mode if you move an object.
The more efficient way could be to create a plug in that updates automatically but I have no idea how you can create a plug in.

Sorry Sean…

Still not legible. Zoom in on one node and use the export as image button (looks like a camera icon in the top right corner of the workspace).


Hi Jacob, i made some screenshot of the code, it referred to generate x,y,z, coordinate based to PBP position. It’s a way to define parameters that rapresent the position of each elements in real world, but my real target is to use a spreadsheet as input to define the position of the elements.

The geometry transform node is going to move your points not change how they respond to the new coordinate system. Is that what you are after? I think what you’re really after is the math shifting to the new CS values, not moving anything, right?

Would be easier if you provided the canvas as an image as requested. See #6 in the third image here: