Project Base Point and Survey Point

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I am just confused why the OOTB nodes for Project Base Point and Survey Points are giving seemingly wrong results?

Hello @theshysnail,

Are there shared coordinates used in your model? If this is the case Coordinates.Basepoint shows the coordinates in relation to the internal origin and in the parameter values the coordinates in relation to the shared coordinates are shown.

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Yes. I guess this is the case.
How can I place a line at a specific coordinate value (w.r.t. Survey Point)? I tried all kinds of geometry coordinate transformation, but it does not work.

You could do something like this


baseSurvey.dyn (33.7 KB)


Thanks, @Vikram_Subbaiah. It’s a relief for me after wrestling with the coordinate system.
I thought Dynamo, by default, places geometry in the model with respect to Revit’s Internal Origin, but it seems to be with respect to Project Base Point.

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Vikram I tried out your script and it does not work for me? Did i miss something? I am using Revit 2020.2 and dynamo 2.3. What your script does for me is place a line starting from revit origin and afterwards move it according to the placement of the Project Base Point in respect of Revit Origin. Survey Point is in my case completely ignored btw.When I change the location of the Survey Point, the line is still placed at the same location.

I think this exercise is relevant only in cases where Shared coordinates are activated and results in the anchor of linked files being shifted with respect to a base project file.

Afterwards i also tried with linking another model using shared coordinates, and acquired the coordinates from the linked model, but the result stayed the same…

Try this on the linked model file.
The base file would not be affected

Hello Vikram,

I tried that but still same result…