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I am trying to use Dynamo to set Northing and Easting coordinate parameters for piles based on the survey point. This is the first time I have used Dynamo and after a lot of head-scratching I seem to be almost there, but no matter what I do I can’t get the correct coordinates - close but no cigar as they say! I would be very grateful if someone could have a look over my script and tell me what I’ve done wrong. I have set the Angle to True North to zero, so I know the rotation isn’t the problem.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 153259


what are the values of your survey point in your project? I only see the result of one of your piles?

and your internal point / project base point?



The survey point values are shown below. The image in my original post is just a sample of the difference in getting between the parameters from my dynamo scrip and a spot coordinate.

Can you share a sample Revit and possibly script?

I tried it in a sample project, but mine are working fine. Thats why a sample can give better information

Here is the script and the sample file I created to test it. Thanks for having a look at this.
Pile CoordinatesClean.dyn (64.3 KB)
Piles Test Proj.rvt (3.6 MB)

It seems like that the location of the Piles are From the Internal origin.
The project base point has a different location then the Internal origin.

In my sample project i only moved the survey point.

What is the reason you moved the project base point aswell the survey point?

When i move the project base point back to the startup location and setup the survey point properly.
Then it works.

So try look into the project base point and convert those coordinates aswell or place the project base point on top of the Internal Origin

I moved the base point to see what the implications were, but on mine, nothing happened. I assumed this was because the script is set to read from the survey point, not the base point.

The strange thing is, I have just noticed that when I move the clipped survey point and rerun the scrip, the northings and eating don’t change. However, when I unclip the survey point and move it, then rerun the script the coordinates do change.

I am really confused now! My script obviously isn’t reading coordinates relative to the survey point but from some other point, probably the internal base point as you say. Although, I don’t understand how this changes when I unclip and move the survey point. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Many thanks for your help with this.

I adjusted the project base point back over the Internal origin.

The survey point i unclipped and put in all values to 0 and then clip back on move it back over the project base point (internal origin).

Then unclip and move the survey point to the coordinates you provided, clip back on and place it back to the project base point (internal origin).

Now the coordinates are the same in het Project Base Point as in the Survey Point and the script should work.

See attachment

Piles Test Proj.rvt (3.6 MB)

That all makes sense, as what my script seems to be doing is setting the internal origin coordinates to the survey point coordinates, then giving pile coordinates relative to the new origin coordinates. That’s why, when I move the clipped survey point the pile coordinates don’t change ie because they’re relating back to the origin, not the survey point. Because the survey point is clipped, its coordinates don’t change when moved and therefore the origin coordinates don’t change. Whereas, when I unclip the survey point and move it, its coordinates do change, and in turn, my script updates the internal origin coordinates and the related pile coordinates…It’s all a bit confusing.

Do you have any ideas about how I can get my script to set the pile coordinates relative to the actual survey point? Typically we set the survey point to match some survey data we have received, which seems to be a sensible way to do it rather than using the survey point to set the origin coordinates every time.

What we normally do when we place a project in coordinates, we have a autocad link file with the right coordinates, align this to your project and after that, you click on the autocad link and “Shared Site” parameter, click on acquire location. This will automatically setup the right location for the survey point and your script should work.


I was also facing the same kind of problem. And i got a temporary solution for that.

Change project units to METER before running the script. and later u change it back. It works for me. i have attached the images below.

Try this and let me know. i am still working on it to figure out what is the main reason.

fv1 - We can usually acquire the survey coordinates information directly from a cad drawing, however, sometimes the cad drawings don’t have the correct coordinates so we have to set them up using a single survey point we do have information for. In this case, we would unclip the Revit survey point, set it to the correct coordinates, clip it again, then move it to the correct point on an imported survey drawing. This technique is what I had replicated on my test model, and obviously, the dynamo script didn’t work.

I suppose I could go through the process you outlined above each time, to essentially set the survey point over the internal origin with the correct survey coordinates. It would still be much better than entering coordinates manually, but ideally, I would like to produce a script that sets the correct coordinates from the survey point regardless of how it has been set up. I know it is possible as I have used addons that do it.

s.vasanth1312 - I haven’t had the chance to try your suggestion yet but I will let you know as soon as I have.

Thank you both.

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