Getting coordinates from Project Base Point or from Survey Point?

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a script to have Dynamo read an excel file with as-buit piles and have them show up in green and red in Revit when they are within or over a set distance from the designed pile.
I thought it worked. Well…it did in my test project with 6 piles and about a meter (X and Y) away from the Project Base Point and the Survey Point. These two, in my test project, are in the same place.

But the true test comes when one is using the script on a real life project.
So before I wanted to do that I thought…let’s get the coördinates from the designed piles and export them to Excel. So I can check if the benchmark is correct. To my surprise the coordinates aren’t even close to the ones in the list the contractor provided.

It turns out that the coordinates I send to excel have the Project Base Point as 0,0,0.
But when I use “Annotate -> Spot Coordinate” in Revit I get the correct coordinates because that uses the Survey Point as 0,0,0.
So my current script is related to the Project base Point…How can I change it so it is related to the Survey Point?

Here’s part of my script that needs to be changed somehow…I guess.:confused:

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Hi @Mike_Wellink

You need to transform coordinate systems origin.

Hi @Kulkul,

Thanks for your fast response.
I’ve allready read something about that. Somewere there is also the mentioning of using Solids and then getting the coordinates. But that didn’t work.
So I’ve got a few option when using Transform:

I guess I need to use the 4th one and connect the “FamilyInstance.Location” point to the “cs” part…but what needs to be the input for “coordinateSystem”?

(The Dynamo Dictionary has nothing on this yet :wink: )

@Mike_Wellink Could please drop your dummy rvt file here. So that we can provide you possible solutions. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry…sure…Will do.
Paalmisstanden 2.0.rvt (2.4 MB)
Pile coördinates to Excel 1.1.dyn (41.1 KB)

@Mike_Wellink Is this the right coordinates your looking for?

Hi @Kulkul,

those are the coordinates I’m looking for to get out of my model.
How did you do that?
Did you made big changes to the script or was it al about adding a simple node?

@Mike_Wellink I guess not.

Try the script For Mike Pile Coordinates to Excel 1.2.dyn (24.6 KB)


Okay…Thanks…but…what is the Python script doing?
Having someone els finishing the script is not something I prefer…don’t get me wrong! I can use all the help I can, but I have no clue on what it does…the logic behind the script I mean.

Looking at the script and the multiple points I get in Dynamo and Revit I think you’ve taken the coordinates from Revit and have Dynamo calculate the new coordinates via the differance between the Project Base Point and the Survey Point.
Am I correct?

But there is no node that that let’s me pick a different starting point? So I can choose between PBP or SP?

@Mike_Wellink This might give you some better picture with nodes:

Hope that make Sense!


Hi @Kulkul ,

this makes more sense to me indeed. I also tryed getting the coordinates as is and subtract the differance between PBP and SP. But then the coordinates still didn’t come out okay.
Seeing your script above made me understand why. I probably forgot to get the Project North and True North rotation in the calculation.
But thanks for making it clear like this.

@Mike_Wellink No problem :wink: Have fun :smile:

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Hi @Kulkul,

I’ve added your nodes to my script and it…kinda…works! I do get better coordinates. But when I look at the coordinates I get in Excel via Dynamo and check them manualy "with the “spot coordinate” function in Revit…they are not the same!
They should…but there not.
Could you explain the steps you take with your nodes to me in words? So I understand what the script is doing.
Perhaps that way I can find out were I go wrong.

I get the part up to the code blocks ‘sp’ and ‘bp’.
But what happens then? The part that next, up to giving the Geometry to Points X, Y and Z, is unclear to me.
I’m also unclear about whether “Project North” and “True North” have any part in the equation.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share the real project because of it’s confidentiality. Tomorrow I’ll try and remove all but the pile elements and upload it here. It could be that there is a problem within the Model.

Hi Mike,

I have this problem too.
Tried an adaptive family with just one adaptive point in it, but when i place a spot coordinate on that family it will accept the reference planes in the adaptive family aswell, never knowing if its spot on, or on the refrerence planes.


try this Element Shared Coordinates Location

I just want to say THANKS Kulkul. I’ve added this part of your script to give me equivalent results of my Project Base Point coordinates to Survey Point coordinates.

The Script is very helpful indeed.

@Allan_Cantos You’re welcome!

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@Kulkul How can I get the coordinates of my pile using the new Survey Point after applying an Angle rotation to True North on my Project Base Point?

Dynamo gave me a wrong coordinates compared to spot coordinates from Revit. Please see attached file.

PB and SP.pdf (360.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Here is what I came up to resolve this issue: