Revision on Sheet Property

Hi all,

I am looking to get the Current Revision property from a sheet. Not the sequence number but the revision on sheet number.

For example sequence 1 might be alphanumeric in which case the revision on sheet would be “A”.

Or, the sheet might have skipped sequence 1 but has sequence 2, in which case it would still be “A”

Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Thank you



Look at this post .Does it help?

Thanks @salvatoredragotta but i don’t think that’s what i am after.

Because we use Per Sheet revisions exclusively having the revision sequence number doesn’t really help too much as it doesn’t match the revision number on the sheet.

I have the output and list stuff all sorted its just the revision number as it is on the sheet that is stumping me.

@steven.caneris Post your .dyn please

Dont mind my inefficient and messy definition -

Revision Export.dyn (50.2 KB)

Edit - Re-uploaded. i noticed an error

and here is the current output -

The issue is Sheet 15 for example should be revision numbers 1,2,3,4 not 2,3,4,5

@steven.caneris Do you have a dummy Revit File?

Revision Export Test.rvt (1.3 MB)

Here is a quick dummy project in Revit 2017

@steven.caneris Thanks

So If I understand correctly, when you get to this part of your program you want to restart the sequence from 1?

@salvatoredragotta Yes that is correct

or “A” if the sequence is alphanumeric.

@steven.caneris You’ll need to manage that list of lists in order to achieve what you want.

What have you tried so far?

The following could be one possible way

  1. Check each list; if first element is "1" or "A" get the list as it is
  2. if first element is not `“1” or “A”, re-sequence the list
  3. otherwise find last location of “-” and check if next index is `“1” or “A” .
    3.a if so, get the list
    3.b if not, re-sequence the list

But I think you’ll have sheets with Numeric and alphanumeric sequences which makes things a bit more complicated.

@salvatoredragotta yeah i thought as much.

We have pretty much hit the limit of my logic skills at this point, which is why i was trying to get the Revision on Sheet parameter directly.

I also tried it with the code block but I’m not sure how if/and works. My idea was the first boolean list shows if there was that sequence on the sheet, and the next is whether it was numeric or alphanumeric. But I’m stumped. It gets complicated quickly. The bottom code/watch shows the desired output.

here is a dummy definition -
if and test.dyn (3.7 KB)

Ok so i have it working for 1 sheet. I just have to sort out the lacing i guess for it to do all sheets (and remove the first item nodes). And then re-set up the formatting and output etc.

Ill work on it tomorrow and hopefully finish it.

The replace multiple at index workflow comes from this thread -

if and test.dyn (48.9 KB)

@salvatoredragotta Im hoping you can help me figuring out the lacing to get this to work for multiple sheets (boolean lists)

I have the green group set up for one list and the pink for two but cant figure it out. any help would be greatly appreciated

Replace multiple at index.dyn (30.8 KB)

Ok so i figured it out. i was missing an extra transpose and list map.

Here is the finished definition if anyone is interested.

It will take all sheet revisions and export an xls file to My Documents. It works for Per Sheet revisions with the correct revision on sheet number and works for both Numeric and Alphanumeric and even switching between the two. It also skips sheets with no revision.

Its a little messy with possible redundancies, but it works Revision Export.dyn (107.1 KB)

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@steven.caneris Well done!.

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Hi Steven,

I have followed your script, however, not really sure where to get the “List.MatchLength” custom code…

that affecting the List transpose.

any chance to point me out where can I find it?

many thanks

Hi @kscalvin

I hope this script works out for you. the List.MatchLength node comed from the Landform package.

Let me know if you have any other dramas.

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thanks Steven,

got it, but seem also can’t find the other one called “Insert at Index sc’”.

just wondering where should I get this?

thanks again.

Hey Calvin,

that comes from this post - from Dimitar’s great work in the second to last post. i just recreated that loop1 function there.

Good luck!