Revision Clouds to Excel

Hi Guys,

I posted a topic in the past about writing all the revision clouds to an excel sheet from Revit, but I am now having trouble about how to add the drawing number into the excel sheet. The drawing number that I’m referring to is attached to my “Detail Number” under Revit’s the viewport, which I think is typical for Revit. Please keep in mind that we have multiple drawings on a single sheet.

existing script:

existing excel sheet:

detail number that needs to be imported into excel:

Any help is appreciated! And thank you in advance!


Are the revision clouds on the sheet or in the view? If I’m the view getting the workset for the rev cloud should allow you to parse our the view’s name, which can then be used to get the view, allowing you access to whatever parameters you may want.

You can also use OwnerViewId property of the element:

You will get elementId of the view and than you can get view itself from the document.

However if your revision clouds are drawn in the sheet space maybe you could get outlines of the viewports and geometrically test if they intersect (or contain) your rev cloud.

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