Exporting the list of Revisions to Excel

I’ve made some progress but now I’m stuck.

Im retrieving 4 parameters for each sheet (Sheet Number, Revision Number, Revision Description and Revision Date). So far so good. My problems comes when i want to format the information to send to Excel.

I was thinking of having the first column as the Sheet Number, the second one the Revision Number and so on. When i retrieve the information i only get 1 Sheet Number but i can get 2 different revisions for it. So my first problem is to be able to repeat the Sheet Number X number of time (unless someone knows a better way to send to Excel).

Here’s where i am so far and I’ve included the DYN

Thanks for any help


Hi, would this work for you ?

Im gonna say no as each sublist needs to have the same amount of items to fill the row properly

Got it


how about this ?



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That got me close enough to finish it :slight_smile:

I was missing the damn long lacing in the count :frowning: and i added a List.Map at the end, result is spot on :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your helpRevisionsToExcel_Result

Glad it helped!

Hi Daniel first of all, thank you for your post. I am trying to produce something similar to yours. I had a look at your dyn file attached, but when I tested it came up with the following error: “Custom node definition is not loaded” my biggest challenge here is retrieving revision data. I think I tried all the nodes I have in dynamo but so far none of them worked. looks like the trick is in the “Revision on Sheet” node. If you could help me with that I would very much appreciate you. Regards Igm PD: I am new in dynamo and have no programming experience

that node is from a custom package called archi-lab.net so just search for that. Look under package manager.

GOT IT, Thanks Konrad!!


Wel, I managed to make the node works, but I cannot make the outcome looks as I wanted on a excel sheet.

I can only manage to show the info in one column as if it was a long list. What I would like though, is to display the data in columns and rows.

Attached a snapshot of what I am getting in excel and dyn. file if anyone wants to have a look and let me know what I am doing wrong and why I am getting the data in one column.

Thank you!RevisionRevitToExcel

Can you tell me what the story is with these nodes? I downloaded the .dyn file from Daniel at the start of this thread and it contains a node called “Revisions on Sheet” which seems to return the revision numbers for each sheet in the example. But when I search for that node I end up with “sheet.Revisions” instead and I have not been able to get the revision numbers out of it.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.