Get shared parameter info out of Revit


As you may know, if a shared parameter comes into Revit, there is only one way to definitely remove it from Revit and that is to get his ID, then select by ID and hit the delete key.

please see My screencast

What I am looking for is Dynamo script that generates a list of all the shared parameters in the project with the GUID and Revit ID. I want to export that to Excel so I can analyze the parameters and when I want to delete a certain parameter I just can copy and past the shared parameter ID’s to the Revit UI (Select by ID)

It would be perfect is I could create a list of the shared parameters that I want to remove and that Dynamo does that for me. :slight_smile:

I hope this can work on Revit 2015

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This should do the trick:


Wow, Konrad, that’s quick :smiley:

That’s exactly what I need.:+1:

Do you know it is possible with Dynamo to delete a shared parameter by ID?

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Try package. It has a Element.Delete node. It should work.

Ok, thanks again.

Hello Konrad,

Two questions?

1: can I only execute the Script in Revit 2016 and 2017. In Revit 2015 there is no Element Type ‘SharedParameterElement’

2: When I execute the script I get the Error in Python

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

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GuidValue, not Guidvalue.

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Hello Dynos,

Is there a script to export all shared Parameters from a linked file into other shared parameterfile?
I know the manual way… parameter by parameter?
Can I do it via Dynamo…
And can I do it when the project is in progress (f.e. each milestone to put new parameters)



Can you begin another topic ?
And link this one if you think it’s appropriate.

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