Delete unused shared parameters?

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I tried searching topics about shared parameters and found out that most of them are “create and add to project” my question is how about removing or deleting unused shared parameters? I’ve experienced working with the project that has the same parameter names. Any idea on how to sort parameter that has no value or just a duplicate?

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@interactiverendering I was searching and was about to create the same topic but found this. Any update as to a solution?
Element.Parameters yields little distinguishable info to determine is used or not.

I believe it would be a wicked problem to solve, as how does one tell if a shared parameter is not being used? A parameter such as a boolean could be on/off for example - is it not in use if it is off?

The only method I can think of is it to collect all elements, use ‘get parameter value’ and ensure there are no filled versions of the parameter. Then the user would need to elect if it is safe to remove. It seems too risky otherwise.

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Old topic, I know. regarding this, I would like to know how I can filter out allready deleted shared parameters? Actually, if you delete them manually in revit, you will still find them with with Dynamo, there is a ton of duplicates. Would be nice if I could filter all the “deleted” shared parameters.

I had a similar situation.
I’ve imported a few families into my project, than, after a few months deleted (replaced with family parameters) their shared parameters.
I actually used @GavC’s Crumple package for that (and Orchid)

But the parameters stuck in the project.

So i improvised, and exported all the parameters from that family (now when they are family parameters) and added them to a new script to delete the shared parameters in project:

@interactiverendering you can remove the parameters like this too, but you will probably need to write them down one by one by hand. if you don’t know their origin family

You can create a Multiple Category Schedule, export it, and then open it with Excel.
Then copy the second row into Notepad++
Format the text as a list for dynamo (helpful: Notepad++ add to every line - Stack Overflow)
and run the above script