Revit: How to delete a shared parameter from 100's of families

Big ups to anyone who can figure out how to do this. We’ve got 100’s of families that were set up with redundant shared parameters. The big problem here is there is no way to do this within the project environment. Even if you delete the shared parameter in the project, it still exists in the family. I can’t find a way to do this without opening the 100’s of families.





I’m suffering from a similar problem. MEP families typically come with crap load of shared parameters which we will never-ever use. Actually, my assumption is no one will use them as every company has their own shared parameters and schedules that work with them. I’m looking for a way to convert shared parameters to family parameters in Dynamo.

Trying to figure this out too. Any solution out there?

There are 3rd party programs that will add, delete, change, or swap family and shared parameters in bulk. CTC’s BIM Manager Suite comes to mind most readily. As I understand it, doing this in Dynamo is technically possible, but has quite a bit of overhead since you would need to retrieve the directory, open the family, modify the parameters, save & close, then repeat multiple times. I believe the Automating Automation work that Andreas did a while back is where you would want to start looking but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it, and when I did look at it I was no where near as competent with Dynamo as I am now so a lot of it was way over my head. Not that I’m all that competent now… (i.e. I’ve gone from 1% to 10% in competency).

I wouldn’t do this with DynamoAutomation. It would take crazy long as compared to using an addin. I use RTV Shared Parameter Manager and I can highly recommend it.


Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing but I’ve been deleting shared parameters from a directory. But I don’t know how to remove multiple parameters in one go. I simple run this graph for each parameter to be removed (still faster than manually doing it).

List Create node in-between code block and parameter delete node.

Much appreciated Simon :slight_smile: