More Shared Parameters in dynamo then in revit?

Hello Dynamo Users!

I generated a list of elements with their Shared Parameters and values within dynamo. Now I found a lot of parameters that I do not find in Revit nor as instance nor as type parameter. And they still have values.

The facts:
I’m only able to see them with Snoop DB in SharedParameterElement or extract them with Dynamo. I already checked their visibility setting which is set to true. I do not find them in the Project Parameters. I can not add them to schedules…

Does someone have any idea what could have happened with those parameters and how I could remove them?

May be project parameters or global?

No also not. Sorry I forgot to mention that…

CAn you give a list off the export may I or someone else reconnaise the parameters.

It are custum shared parameters, difficult to share a list bcs I am not allowed to share information about the project. I think that it are parameters that were added before and deleted afterwards? Is it possible that I can still access deleted shared parameters?

The API has means of creating shared parameters which are visible by the UI or not. Check the properties here:

Hello Jacob,

I already checked that like I mentioned in my post. But all are set to visibility = True