Get Sections Views From Grids

First of all , I apologize for my English

I’m new dynamo , but I’m very surprised at everything he does .
After reading many topic , I am trying to create my own scripts.
I have a problem because I need to get sections from the grids.
Insert the image.
I’ll be doing something wrong.

Once successful , I would like to include an offset to these sections from the grids.
Thank you

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Here is a graph that creates section views along each grid axis and sets the depth to +/- 750mm:

makeSectionsAtAxis.dyn (41.3 KB)


It works perfectly.
Thank you, very much

@Einar_Raknes , Do you think it would be possible to limit the sections along the numeric grid lines to just two alphas. I.e. along grid 1, from A-B, then B-C etc.

I am trying to create 3d views of each grid bay, I figure once I have a section that matches the grid I can apply it to a 3D view.

Your obviously talented at this, Would appreciate your thoughts. I am a newb to dynamo. I know what I want it to do, its the getting there thats the hard part. I am finding the best way to learn is to modify the stuff of others first so I learn what the blocks all do. Yours is just way over my head at the moment :slight_smile: