Get room information from .dwg in to Revit via Dynamo


I have a .dwg that contains room information(text) and numbering. I have done a scan of a building and from that model have floor plans that I would like to assign with rooms and the room information from the .dwg of the old drawings of the place. Is there some smart way to use Dynamo to do this? I am thinking there may be a problem with getting the right number in the right location? I am new to Dynamo and have not used Revit to much for past four years, so bear with me. I have watched quite a few Youtube clips about Dynamo the past days, so do have a tiny clue of what and how the program works.

Thank you.

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Hello dj,

I made a script for this a while back. You’ll probably need to tweak it a bit depending on the room numbers/names in the dwg. You can check it out here:

Thank’s a lot. I will have go on it.


Hi Taco,

I followed your script for this and found that importing and exploding the text from the DWG puts the text in an order in my list as i grab them with Dynamo. If you place Rooms by points (X,Y from the imported text) with Dynamo, those Rooms have the same order in the Room list, so index 1 from your text list is the same as the index 1 of the Rooms that are placed. Therefore matching the lists by index will work also to put the Room numbers in. You can always check this by putting in a Furniture family in between and writing the text to that by matching the coordinates and adding an Element.Room node.
When importing just the Roomnumbers you will get a single item per Room, and i believe this is consistent with what Jeremy Tamnik says about assigning Id’s to newly created elements, the indexes in Dynamo’s lists will match.

All this works when starting with a new non-workshared revit file.

The rest of the Room properties can then be matched with an excel sheet, if you have one :slight_smile:
Then copy the Rooms to your projectfile.

Added the scripts.
Remember to use a new revit project without a template
1_create room at textnote XYZ for roomnumber.dyn (8.7 KB)
2_set number to room.dyn (4.6 KB)
3_bimorphNodes.CurvesFromCADLayers and make curves into RoomSeparators.dyn (22.2 KB)

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Hi Marcel,

That sounds logical, I guess that makes my workflow obsolete… nice job :slight_smile:


Thank you !
Well, lets wait a few days and see if something comes up here on the forum.


I have problems finding the .dwg I’ve imported. I also tried to link it, without further luck. I have tranformed the .dwg so it has the same coordinates as my model, it should end up in the same place. I have checked the manage links function and the .dwg is there somewhere…Could use some help



I you start a new thread you have a better chance of getting an answer.


I see. Will do that. Thank you Marcel.


I added the scripts for my method.


Thank you so much for the scripts. I am currently going trough DynamoPrimer to learn. I am still struggeling with finding the .dwg I am importing to Revit. Don’t know where to look for it:/ I see it in the site view, but not in the level view?