Search Excel, then do this?

Hi Guy’s
I’m just now learning Dynamo and love it!
But I have hit a brick wall and can’t figure this one out and can’t find a similar issue already solved here.
All of my Room have the Room_Code parameter already filled out in Revit.
I need to search excel (Column B) for matching Room_Code, then when the match is found, populate the parameters COBie.Space.Category (Column D) and COBie.Space.Description (Column E) in the Revit model.
Is this possible?

Hi Ron,

A similar question was asked in this topic, that should get you started:

T, I don’t see where this is looking at the excel file

I figured you already knew how to import data from Excel into Dynamo. You can do this to import the data from your excel sheet:

After that use the output from the List.GetItemAtIndex nodes as shown in the previous example (the green block represents data from excel in that example).

Any idea what node was used to create this?

That’s just a code block, double click anywhere in the canvas and retype the same code. Have you had a look at the Dynamoprimer? A lot of this information can be found there:

Yep, thanks!


For the original question @roncroke3743

It is probably do-able in Excel, but much easier using a database
Refer to the below example.

The select RoomCategory from TBL_ROOMS where RoomNumber=" + RoomNumber
part looks up the category based on the room number