Room tag- Number and name as per cad

Starting this as new topic for better clarity:

I have already done room tags but there name and number is incorrect.

Linked a cad file with lay on for Text and number, then full explode in revit.

is it possible to catch those CAD room names and numbers, which can be filled under Identity data parameter, Number as HM-51018 and Name: OFFICE INVENTOR Y

Manually to do there are around 7000room tags to be filled.:sweat:

I tried to do it in dynamo but it didn’t work. Can anyone get some logic on it?

Have the rooms placed.
Get the location points of the imported texts and the text itself and draw a vertical line from the points, see it it intersects the roomboundary.
now connect the text to the roomnumber/roomname

HI Marcel,
Are you referring to this? Just confirming. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have also attached dyn file in that post. Can I use that for it?

thats another method, so no

Ok thank you for your response. :slightly_smiling_face: @Marcel_Rijsmus

As per your response, the logic I interpreted as:

1.I need to make X,Y coordinates of those texts. (it is in mtext format)
2. In dynamo i will import the csv file, make a vertical line/ z-axis on those points.

Like I didnt get, are we projecting on Z-axis?

you said you did a full explode.
that means that your texts are already in revit
element,location will give you the coordinates
draw a line from that point
as texts in revit are 2d items (annotaion) there is no Z-axis needed
you do need the view its in

When I do element.location for textnotes it comes null, same result for room.
Somehow i did and got this through dynamo.

problem is with matching, i didnt get it what you said as ‘draw a line from that point’ :sweat:

PS: beginner in dynamo, so couldn’t take few things quickly. Apologize
Room tag from text notes.dyn (43.1 KB)

and the script used here Room creation by dwg txt import.dyn (29.5 KB)

dyn file by @T_Pover

I had tried it but couldn’t get the result which is shown in youtube video.
Got an empty list in the beginning. I haven’t changed any code.