Get points that have same coordinate

I want to get points that have the same z-coordinate but I can’t find the nodes to do so. Does anyone have good ideas?

Hola amigo @h0905M4232 use Geometry.Intersect to compare the list of lines with the same list with a different order, if they have points in common this node will give them to you, it works also for 3D elements, I hope this is what you are looking for.

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hello, you can use the List.Groupbykey node
with the list of points as inputs
and as keys the values ​​of the Point.z node of the points


I provide a code to get a points with the same z value;

SameZvalue.dyn (19.3 KB)

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Amigo @h0905M4232 in Civil 3D there is a package named Civil3DToolkit and there there is a node ObjectExtensions.GetParameters, you can use it to extract all the parameters and his values to you’re Objects in C3D, is an alternative too!