Node to get coordinate of cogo point

I can’t seem to find it but is there a node to pass a selection of cogo points and get the X,Y,Z coordinates?

You can use Object.Geometry with Cogo Points to get their representation as a Dynamo point, and then use Point.X, Point.Y, and Point.Z to get the coordinates.

Or you can use the nodes for Cogo Points in the Civil 3D Toolkit package. There are nodes to get northing, easting, and elevation directly without having to first create Dynamo points.

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Thank you very much! Object.Geometry worked great for my use case.

I also installed the civil 3D toolkit package and saw DBPoint.Geometry node (seems to work the same) as well as DBPoint.X, DBPoint.Y, and DBPoint.Z to get the individual coordinates.

Thanks again for your help.

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