How to Get List of Polyline Vertex Coordinates on a Specific Layer

Looking to use coordinates of the vertices of lines in order to add stations and offset labels to them, as well as filter the lists of vertex coordinates based on how close they are to an alignment. Any help with how to get polyline vertex coordinates?

Hi @mkneadler,

Give this a try. Hope it helps!

GetPolylineVertices.dyn (29.3 KB)


Nice Zachri. I didn’t realize there was a point.pruneduplicates node. Seems useful over list.unique which wasnt working for one case i tried. I had to round the x and y values in the points prior to using list.unique despite the points displaying the same number in dynamo up to 5 sig figs.

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How to remove the repeated points resulting from the intersection of lines with each other

Look into bimorph nodes which has an intersect all node that is very fast. Alternatively you should be able to cull duplicate points using an OOTB node, or a unique items node also I believe.

When the coordinate points of the lines are extracted in the attached DWG
, a repetition occurs at the intersections, and I want to cancel the repetition as in the attached picture

I don’t think that Bimorph works in a civil 3D context.

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I don’t see an attached dwg, but the Point.PruneDuplicates node should do the trick.

try Command: OVERKILL


Thankful and appreciative
The solution is through that node (Point.PruneDuplicates node)