Dynamo for Dummies (lesson 0)

Can anyone please help me to make points I created in Dynamo to be communicated to C3D’s Model Space?

I do not want COGO Points, but “simple” points (i.e., x=10, y=20, z-10).

Many thanks!

Hi @alexmotta19,

Look in the Civil 3D Toolkit package for a shelf called “DBPoint”. That should have the nodes you need.

Thank you, @mzjensen, I’ll look into it.

It worked, @mzjensen, thank you very much!

However… my input file is a list of points with “name”, X, Y and Z.

Some of these have Z=0 and I would like to create a second list with the points that have Z different than 0.

From this second list, I will creat “ghost points” with Z=0 so that I can build lines connecting the “real” with the “ghost” points (I do hope it makes sense).

May I ask how I can produce this second list, please, remembering that it has 4 columns and a “variable” number of rows?

Thank you very much in anticipation!

Alex. Can you share your data set so i can understand better what you’re referring to?

Yes, of course! Thank you in advance!

I “improved” the problem in a new post at Placing points with lables, creating duplicate points at Z=0 and connecting them with lines in C3D's Model Space - I tried to tag you there but could not… (tagging you here though, @WrightEngineering)

Many thanks in advance!