[Please Help] Find points

Hi Dynamo Community,

I have many Autocad points in a drawing and I need to get the elevation value from all of them. I did that, but I need to know which elevation value belongs which point also as I created a new property dataset in Civil 3D. I need to copy point elevations to the new property dataset.

For now, the property dataset only takes the first value of the list for all of points, which is not correct.

I have no idea how to figure out this please any masters let me know how to solve it. Many thanks.

Points Question

Hi Sean, and welcome! We might need a bit more info on the situation to help you get where you want to go. Are you saying you have autocad points (not cogo points) and you want to take the “Position Z” property and put that into a property set for each autocad point? Here’s one way to do it using the Civil3DToolkit package.
Point Property Set v1.dyn (47.7 KB)


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for your support. I have figured out my problem base on your scripts.