Get Elements value multiple times while looping

Hey guys,

im having a problem here which ive been stuck on for a while now, hopefully somebody here has an idea for me.

My goal: Im trying to move several objects in position. To do so i made a Dynamo Script as you see in Picture 1. (Note: my real Script is much bigger since there are more Objects, this one is just for clarification). Im talking of walls, pipes, windows…
So lets say i have these 2 number sliders which go from 1-10 in +1 steps. Now i want Dynamo to give me for every possible position the value of the element as you see in Picture 2 and 3, here im trying to get these values in Excel.
Picture 4 is my goal. Getting the value for every possilbe position/ combination of positions. And listing the new value in a new row in excel.

My question: How can i get there? i have tried changing some Sliders to ,LoopWhile" nodes, but it only put out the last step of the loop. Also i cant tell if one loop is prior to another.

Generally speaking you don’t want to do this, as it’s extremely inefficient from a computational standpoint. What is the Länge parameter (length?), and could you retrieve it by other means (ie: drawing at each location rather then moving Revit elements?)

Hey Jacob, thanks for clarification.

Yes it is the length parameter.

I dont think drawing at each position would be a solution for me because it is too much of a work, since there are many walls and pipes.

It’d actually be far less work, as you need not produce the element or interact with the Revit model, just understand the impact on the geometry. Once that is done you might even be able to skip writing out to excel, as you could optimize the layout via Generative Design.

Admittedly that might be a pipe dream (no pun intended), as it’s Hard to see how that applies without the full graph though. Can you post a sample .rvt and .dyn? Have a back log of two other graphs to review before this, but I’ll have a look later tonight when I have a ‘look at stuff’ period scheduled.

Hey Jacob,

i cant upload the .rvt sample since its bigger than 8MB. But here is my .dyn Graph (Master) which i use to move elements in Revit around. The second .dyn Graph is to get the information i need to Excel. In the ende im gonna put all of it in one .dyn file.
As you can see im moving the elements manually by changing the sliders. I hope its somehow understandible.
Master.dyn (326.5 KB)
Excel.dyn (313.6 KB)