Dynamo Excel Worksheet Looping for multiple Revit elements on separate Worksheets

Hi there, I am looping Excel Worksheets to look for valid element(asset number as worksheet name) and writing its properties to Revit element, for a number of elements.
Basically, I need to read the correct worksheet name one by one from a list of worksheet and fill values for the elements.

Why not get the list of worksheet names you need, then open those worksheets in the correct order to start with?

I am trying, but the loop is not working. I need to read a datasheets in excel one by one, currently I am able to read just one sheet or the enitre list of sheets.
I am trying to look for information in each sheet and fill the information in Revit element parameters. :dizzy_face:

How do you know which sheet name you want to use?

By checking the element asset number from Revit against the list of worksheets.
Basically there are a list of element asset numbers from Revit and Excel sheet names to read from.
So I am trying to read them one element at a time. :sweat: :sweat:

Is there a way I can use the Loop While node to run the script in Loop.?

So I experimented a lot, and finally came to use Firefly and managed to get a port that uses a “fader” node to change the values from the list of values.

But the list of values that get generated are uncontrolled.
Please suggest if you have some information regarding the same.

Start in Revit and pull your sheets selectively based on the order they are in.

  1. Get the Revit elements.
  2. Pull the asset number parameter value from each.
  3. wire the results into the ‘sheet name’ to get the worksheet data in the correct order for each asset.

HI Jacob, I dont have the option of selecting excel worksheets, I have to process a bulk amount of data in worksheets, each element by element.
Hence went for the automatic option of using Firefly.
I am attaching a small snip.
With a little bit of tuning the periodic timings, it is working fine.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

boolean :stuck_out_tongue: